Cast Aluminium Information By Arteco

Cast Aluminium Plaques  

Arteco's Personalised Cast Aluminium House Signs are made entirely by hand to the highest possible standards.  They are a one piece construction that has no seams so it will never crack or break. We have humped-backed, rectangular and oval shapes that all have raised lettering, numbers and motifs. Each House sign is individually designed by our sign artist to suit your needs.


  Cast Aluminium Process  


      House Sign   


  We begin by designing a template with your chosen shape, house name and motif. Once complete a customised sand negative is created. Molten aluminium which has been heated to Approx. 700c is slowly and carefully hand poured into the mould. It is allowed to cool and solidify and then it is separated from the mould.


We are then left with a high quality solid one piece construction, cast aluminium sign that is ready to be fettled (filed, grinded, sand blasted) and hand cleaned. It is now etched primed and then coated with high quality epoxy paint that is UV resistant for maximum durability. Finally the motif and lettering is hand painted by our skilled sign artist according to your colour request.  


      House signs, House numbers


Cast Plaque Care  

To clean your Personalised House Sign plaque only use mild soap and water on a soft sponge then rinse thoroughly. Never use harsh or abrasive cleaners and cloths, these may cause damage to the paint and scratch your plaque.


    Please see our Personalised Cast Aluminium Order Form for our

Styles, Motifs, Colours and Pricing.